"ASTI" Will Service Your Polishing Needs To Specification


"ASTI Polishing" are proud to introduce our Garboli, Stainless Steel  polishing machine. Which has the capabilities to Polish Stainless Steel flat bar,Stainless Steel Angle, Stainless Steel Rectangular Hollow section, & Stainless Steel Square Hollow section. All finishes are true grit ranging from 40Grit < 1200Grit.

  • Flat bar size range from 12mm < 150mm wide.
  • Plate Size up to 2400 X 1200 X 16mm
  • SHS & RHS,size range up to 100X100.
  • Angle outside faces and edges up to 100X100

Surfaces can be polished to Ra, certification if required.

ASTI specialise in Polishing stauchions, & base plates, for the architechtural industry.

Our polishing machine will polish the finished products to your specifications.



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